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What is Back to Grid Solar?

Back to Grid Solar, also known as grid-tied or on-grid solar, is a system that connects your solar power setup directly to the local electricity grid. This allows you to use solar energy generated by your panels during the day and draw from the grid when solar production is low, such as at night or during cloudy weather. Any excess energy your system produces is fed back into the grid, often earning you credits or payments from your utility provider.

Why Choose Back to Grid Solar?

Cost Effective

Reduce your electricity bills by generating your own power and selling excess energy back to the grid.


Enjoy a continuous power supply by seamlessly switching between solar power and grid electricity.


Lower your carbon footprint by using clean, renewable energy.


Take advantage of government rebates and incentives for installing solar power systems.

Customer Testimonials

“I am so delighted with the work of Spark Electrical. Not only did they seamlessly work alongside my builders, install lights, power points and ceiling fan – they recommended amazing lights that beautifully suit my cathedral ceilings. Soooo happy – thanks team.”

Sam Crisford-Eade

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Spark Electrical have been servicing Oberon, Bathurst, Lithgow and surrounds for over 25 years providing a wide range of electrical work covering domestic, rural and commercial installations, expanding to include back to grid and stand alone solar installations and solar storage solutions.

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