Level 2 Electricians
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Level 2 Electricians

At Spark Electrical, we are proud to be accredited Level 2 Electricians for Class 2A, 2B, 2C, and 2D. Our specialised services encompass critical electrical work that ensures your property’s connection to the Electricity Network is secure, compliant, and efficient.

What is Level 2 Electrical Work?

Level 2 electrical work involves the supply that runs between your property and the Electricity Network. This includes essential services such as disconnecting and reconnecting service lines, working on underground and overhead service conductors, and metering.

Our Level 2 Services Include:

  • Class 2A: Service line disconnect/reconnect at the connection point.
  • Class 2B: Work on underground service conductors.
  • Class 2C: Work on overhead service conductors.
  • Class 2D: Metering.

Key Services Offered

Installation of Single Phase and Three Phase Consumer and Service Mains: We install both single phase and three phase consumer and service mains to ensure reliable power supply to your property.

Point of Attachment Relocation and Rectification Works: Our team can relocate and rectify the point of attachment to maintain compliance and safety standards.

New Point of Attachment Installations: We provide installations of new points of attachment to meet the evolving needs of your electrical system.

Essential Energy Defect Rectification Notice Works: Our experienced electricians address and rectify defects identified by Essential Energy to ensure compliance.

New Essential Energy Connections and Site Establishment: We handle the establishment of new connections and site setups to streamline the process for new builds or upgrades.

For any Level 2 electrical needs, trust Spark Electrical to deliver professional, reliable, and compliant services.

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Customer Testimonials

“I am so delighted with the work of Spark Electrical. Not only did they seamlessly work alongside my builders, install lights, power points and ceiling fan – they recommended amazing lights that beautifully suit my cathedral ceilings. Soooo happy – thanks team.”

Sam Crisford-Eade