The Catch Power Unit gives users the ability to turn their exported electricity into hot water.

When nobody is home on a sunny day your solar panels may be sending power into the grid  with very little value to you. Catch as much of your solar power before it goes into the grid. It’s easy with Catch Power technology! Don’t give your excess solar away. CATCH IT! Catch Power technology will make the most of your excess solar without giving it to the Electricity Companies.

CATCH POWER technology detects any excess power from your solar panels and uses it to heat your water and other sources in the property with additional units for ie electric floor heating.

Divert your excess solar today!

If you have solar panels on your roof and want to divert excess solar energy then you need to keep reading.
By installing a CATCH you get:

  • Divert excess solar
  • Free hot water
  • 24hr monitoring of your solar system
  • Household load monitoring
  • To say goodbye to electricity companies getting your power

How does it work?

The concept is really quite simple… By installing CATCH inside your meter box it is possible to take control of the electricity your solar is creating. CATCH will take any electricity that would normally be sent out to the Grid and redirect it into your hot water tank, saving you hundreds of dollars every year.

Why is Catch  so special?

First thing you will notice is we talk about CATCH as though she is a person, that’s because CATCH is smart… I mean it..she is really smart. We have spent years teaching CATCH everything we know about water energy usage, and financial optimisation.. but now she is teaching us.

CATCH is so smart now, we just install her into your house and walk away, CATCH will work out the rest her self.. you will be amazed at how effective she is at saving you money.

Why did we build her?

This a really easy.. Our dream is to see a CATCH at every home that has solar panels.. yes it is true we would make a lot of money if our dream came true.. but the real motivator is there are two things that really upset us:

  • Being ripped off by the electricity
  • Political in action on climate change.

CATCH is our response to these issues. CATCH is designed to right the wrongs of others.

About Catch Power

I wish we could tell you that CATCH was invented by somebody as smart as Steve Jobs or Bill Gates… but it wasn’t…
Project H Pty Ltd is the company behind CATCH (I know the name is mysterious isn’t it). We are a small Australian company based in regional NSW; and we are self confessed nerds and gadget junkies. Rather than play X Box (which we love to do….sometimes) we are putting our skills to a noble cause. We are doing our best to create jobs, fix the economy and reverse climate change.

What is Catch FAQ’s

How does CATCH work?

I am almost tempted to say that Im not really sure.. CATCH can work in some mysterious ways sometimes; she has a mind of her own.

There are three important parts to CATCH:

  • The Diverter
  • The Communicator
  • The CATCH Cloud Servers

The Diverter is responsible for monitoring the energy coming and going from your place, and re-routing that energy when required. The Diverter is installed in the meter box, so you will never really see it, but it is always there working hard for you.

The Communicator sits next to the internet connection in your house, and as the name suggests is always talking with the Diverter checking the status of things and passing messages to and from the CATCH Cloud servers. There are a few lights on the communicator to make it look really intelligent, but the real intelligence in the communicator is not the flashing lights.. its something you cannot see, it’s the way it talks with the diverter. The communicator uses the existing electrical wires in the house to talk with the diverter, so there are no ugly wires, just silent that’s smart.
The CATCH Cloud Servers are the final piece in the puzzle, not only is CATCH using the information it collects by looking at the energy flowing through your wires, but it is getting weather information from the internet to make the best decisions possible.
With the 3 key pieces in place CATCH is:

Looking for any solar energy leaving your property, and if it finds some it will redirect the energy into your hot water.
CATCH is recording your energy use and sending it to the CATCH Cloud Servers where you can see it all in fancy graphs.
CATCH is constantly adjusting for changing conditions, in fact CATCH’s configuration changes every 5 minutes as things like the weather change.

CATCH is monitoring you entire Solar Array, and if it senses there is a problem it will be reported to you before you even know there is a problem.

How much does Catch cost?

CATCH costs $1,700 (incl GST), this includes the cost of installation. Once you purchase CATCH we will get her built and when ready we will arrange for one of our electricians to come around and install it for you (at our cost).

Do any changes need to be made to my Solar system?

CATCH works on any solar system, and there is no need to make any changes.

Do any changes need to be made to my Hot water service?

Your existing Hot Water service will work just fine with CATCH. Once CATCH is installed it will starting by looking your hot water service and it will work out how best to use it. As long as your hot water is a good old resistive element hot water system it will work just fine.

How much money is saved by installing Catch?

The general rule of thumb we use is $1/day, so that’s nearly $400/yr. But the actual savings can be more or less than $1/day, it depends on how much hot water you use, and how much solar is being exported.

How much solar power is required?

CATCH works with 1 solar panel, or 100 solar panels, she will just work it out. The important thing is how much solar is being exported; if you have a lot of solar export then CATCH will use as much of it as she can to heat your hot water; if you only have a little bit of export then CATCH will still use it to heat your hot water, but CATCH will need to call on your Off Peak to heat the rest of the water.

What is the installation process if I decide to go ahead with Catch?

Once the order goes through we will start to build your CATCH, then we will ship it directly to you. Once you receive your CATCH we will contact you to arrange the perfect time for our installers to come around and commission her.

Will I still get hot water in cloudy weather?

If CATCH wasn’t so smart you would run out of Hot Water, but because CATCH is so smart she knows the weather is bad and supplements the solar with off peak energy to ensure you don’t run out of hot water.Toggle content goes here, click edit button to change this text.

Is there any complicated configuration to do?

Coordinating Solar output and Hot Water heating is very complex, especially if you are trying to optimise you dollar savings, but with CATCH you don’t need to worry about any of it, CATCH will work out how best to run things, you just get it installed and walk away.

Catch Live Feed

The link below takes you to a page which shows a live feed from an installed CATCH site.

Click the button below to view (opens in a separate browser tab).

View Catch live feed